Product Update – December 2023

We’ve been working hard on some exciting features! Here’s what’s new and what’s coming next👇

Quick summary:

🤝 2-way syncing for and iCloud
🔢 Next up: Task Dependencies
🚦 Next up: Smart Priorities

­The details:

🤝 2-way syncing for and iCloud calendars

We’ve had the and iCloud integrations for a few months, but they previously only allowed pulling events from and iCloud into FlowSavvy. Now, you can sync your FlowSavvy tasks back to those calendars!

Along with these 2 major integration updates, we’ve also made a ton of improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes to keep the app smooth, secure, and easy to use.

➡️ Next up: Task Dependencies and Smart Priorities

Task dependencies is a highly requested feature that will let you configure which tasks have to be done before/after other tasks. For example, “Buy paint” must be done before “Paint kitchen”.

And yes, you read that right: Priorities. We’ve historically been hesitant to complicate the prioritization of FlowSavvy’s scheduling algorithm, which is just based on due date right now. However, the countless requests for an easier way to prioritize tasks have made it clear that a better priority system is needed. I’ll go into more detail when the feature is released but just wanted to say thank you for your feedback, and we’re looking forward to adding this feature!

We hope you enjoy the new 2-way integrations! Feel free to connect your and iCloud calendars to FlowSavvy, and if you like what you see, we’d love if you could leave us a review! We appreciate your feedback and your continued support!