Product Update – March 2024

Hey there!  We have exciting news: Priorities are here!

While we released an initial version back in January, we’ve been tweaking the priorities system based on feedback since then, and now we’re excited to announce it to the world! Here’s a quick look at how priorities work, plus some behind-the-scenes of our thought process in designing the feature.

🏴 So, how does the new priority system work?

In the new priority system, Pro members can change the priority of tasks to “Do ASAP”, High, Normal, or Low. This allows for fast prioritization when creating or editing a task.

Pro members can also easily change a task’s priority by dragging and dropping it into a different priority section on our newly designed to-do list!

If you need even more fine-grained prioritization, everyone (both Free and Pro plans) can now also prioritize tasks by dragging and dropping them within each priority level!

💡 Our thought process

Everyone is different, so we’ve designed this priority system with several different types of people in mind:

  1. “Go with the flow” people: Don’t care what order your tasks get scheduled in? Every task starts as “Normal priority”, so you can completely ignore the priority system and just do your tasks in the order they’re scheduled in (which is usually in order of due date).
  2. “I need priorities but still want FlowSavvy to do most of the work”: If you don’t care about the order your tasks are scheduled in as long as high priority tasks come before low priority tasks, great. When creating tasks, simply mark them as high/low when applicable.  FlowSavvy will do the rest, making sure your tasks are prioritized by both priority and due date.
  3. Control freaks🫶: The drag and drop feature was created just for you! The to-do list is now effectively a priority list, and you can move tasks around as much as you like to create the perfect priority order, even within the different priority sections.

We hope you enjoy the new priorities system! We’d love to hear any feedback you have on it, and if do you enjoy it, please consider dropping a quick 5-star rating on the App Store or Play Store for us. As always, thank you for your feedback and your continued support!