Experience time blocking on easy mode.

Tired of tediously managing the time blocks on your calendar? Let FlowSavvy plan your week for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
4.8/5 on the App Store

Rating: 4 out of 5.
4.2/5 on the Play Store

“FlowSavvy has literally changed my life. I get more done, faster, so I also get more down time. I wasn’t prepared for how much this would reduce my mental load.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kat Black

The automatic game plan for your week

Just tell FlowSavvy what you have to do and watch it spit out the perfect game plan for your week

Change of plans? No problem.

FlowSavvy automatically reschedules your tasks whenever you make changes. No more manually rearranging time blocks 🙌

Once you try automatic time blocking, you’ll never go back

Build habits with repeating, smart-scheduled tasks

FlowSavvy intelligently plans time for your workouts, Spanish lessons, hobbies, and more, all while making sure you never miss any important deadlines.

Color-coded calendar with a warning saying "This task won't be completed on time!"

Visualize your workload with automatic color coding

With tasks color-coded by how close they are to their due date, you’ll immediately know how your week will play out and how much time you have to spare. Say goodbye to overcommitment!

Powerful features, simple interface

Smart scheduling doesn’t need to be like driving a spaceship. FlowSavvy is streamlined to include all the features you need without being any more complicated than a regular calendar.

You stay in control

Drag and drop smart-scheduled tasks at any time to lock them in place.

Recurring, smart-scheduled tasks

FlowSavvy intelligently plans time for your habits and recurring tasks

Work-life balance

Define when FlowSavvy should schedule with custom scheduling hours (work, personal, mornings, evenings, etc!)

Task management

Filter your to-do list by calendar and tag to quickly manage tasks

Sync your existing calendars

FlowSavvy smart-schedules around your events from Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook!

Available on all your devices

Use FlowSavvy anywhere with fully-featured web, iOS, and Android apps