Product Update – July 2023

We have a ton of updates, so let’s jump right in!


🤝 iCloud and calendar syncing
📆 Connect multiple calendar accounts + increased free tier
⚒️ New and improved event/task page
🚗 Buffer/travel time on smart-scheduled tasks
⚙️ Default event/task settings

­The details:

🤝 Sync your iCloud and calendars

Read-only syncing is now supported for iCloud and calendars. More info

📆 Connect multiple calendar accounts

You can now connect multiple accounts from Google, iCloud, or Perfect for anyone that has a work account and a personal account.

We’ve also increased the free plan from 1 synced calendar to 2 synced calendars, so feel free to add another calendar if you’re on the free plan!

⚒️ New event / task page

Creating complex, smart-scheduled, repeating tasks was way harder than it should have been. After iterating through literally hundreds of designs and many, many rounds of testing with new users, we’ve arrived at a new, more intuitive event/task page that is still customizable enough to support a ridiculous number of use cases.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on this rework as we are always looking for ways to improve!

🚗 Buffer/travel time on smart-scheduled tasks

Buffer/travel time has been a feature on events and fixed tasks for a while, but a lot of people wanted to be able to put buffer/travel time on their smart-scheduled tasks as well. Wish granted 🪄 Buffer/travel time can now be added to smart-scheduled tasks!

⚙️ Default event/task settings

Speaking of buffer/travel time, another popular request was to be able to set defaults for settings like buffer/travel time, “splittable”, etc. Default settings for events and tasks can now be edited in Settings > Events and tasks.

That’s all for now! Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the new updates!