Why FlowSavvy is the best time blocking app for students

First, what is FlowSavvvy? FlowSavvy is an auto-scheduler that intelligently finds time for the tasks on your to-do list, taking into consideration things like each task’s due date, duration, your availability, and so much more. It juggles all your deadlines and priorities for you, so you can keep your mind free and focused on one thing at a time.

By scheduling time for your tasks directly into your calendar, you automatically become more likely to actually get them done and use your time more wisely. FlowSavvy takes this principle of time blocking to a whole new level by dynamically adjusting your time blocks as things come up or you get behind.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret: FlowSavvy was built for students. That’s because we built it for ourselves when we were students. Here’s the story behind FlowSavvy.

Why we built FlowSavvy

It was two weeks before Thanksgiving break. Midterms were approaching and the assignments were piling up. We’ve all been there. I knew if I didn’t plan ahead, I would have a terrible time and probably end up pulling an all-nighter or two. So I listed out every little thing I had to do (history reading, bio quiz, math HW, prep for midterm, etc), along with how long I thought each assignment would take and when it was due.

Then, I blocked off time on my calendar to work on these tasks between classes, group work, and other commitments. This is an effective strategy called “Time Blocking”. I took it a step further though. I manually shifted my task blocks around until I had roughly the same amount of work planned each day until Thanksgiving break, instead of doing it all right away or doing it all the last few days (or not at all).

This ended up being an extremely effective approach, but it’s a tedious process and one change in your plan can throw the whole thing off. So when I was telling my brother about this time-blocking, workload-balancing approach and how cool it would be if there was an app that could do that for you automatically, he agreed and said “Dude. We could build that.”

At the time, both of us had only taken 1 introductory programming course, but we opened our laptops and started trying to figure out how to build a program that would automatically plan time in our calendar for our tasks and spread out our workload. Fast-forward nearly 3 years, and we’ve built the best automatic time blocking planner on the market.

What makes it the best time blocking planner for students?

Everyone is busy, and most people could benefit from automatic time blocking, but not like students. Students typically have tons of assignments with specific deadlines and competing priorities. This is exactly what FlowSavvy excels at: taking in an ugly mess of dozens (hundreds?) of deadlines and showing you if and how you can get it all done, minute by minute. And it does it in less than a second.

Why FlowSavvy is perfect for students, rapid fire round:

  • “Set it and forget it”.  Throw all your tasks in FlowSavvy and stop worrying about when you’ll get them all done.  Just do them when they come up in FlowSavvy.
  • Flexible, repeating tasks. Ex: “Do math HW by 11pm on MWF” -> FlowSavvy will find time for each task.
  • Lightning-fast sync with Google Calendar.
  • Instantly see how your week will play out and how much free time you will have.
  • One click to recalculate your whole schedule if you get behind or plans change.

The above features and more allowed my brother and I to keep high GPAs while working, improving the app, and keeping our social lives. I went from regularly staying up past midnight working on last-minute assignments to finishing most assignments more than a day in advance. And the semesters that I had FlowSavvy were easily the most stress-free ones of my college career.

Now, FlowSavvy is even more polished, streamlined, and a whole lot better looking. Students all over the world are using FlowSavvy to manage their to-do list and plan their week. Ready to see FlowSavvy plan yours? Get started by creating a free forever account, tell FlowSavvy what’s on your plate, and watch it automatically plan time for your tasks. Once you try automatic time blocking, you’ll never go back.