Product Update – November 2022

We’ve got some sweet “look & feel” updates for you today!  First up…

1. Dark mode 🌙 

Dark mode is finally here, and it is SLEEK!  You can turn on dark mode in Settings > Appearance > Dark mode, and we’ll have more themes coming to the “Appearance” page in the future!

dark mode calendar

2.  Custom event/task colors 🎊

Since the very beginning of FlowSavvy, tasks have been automatically color coded (green / orange  / red) based on how close they are scheduled to their due date, and all events were blue.  Now, you’ll have the ability to choose your own colors!

Events will take on the color of the calendar they are in, while tasks will still be color coded automatically by time left until their due date.  You’ll be able to manually change the color of any event or task by clicking the color circle next to the calendar name.

FlowSavvy might look a little different next time you open the app because of the new colors, so feel free to edit them as you like in Settings > Calendars.  Some people may prefer to keep the simplicity of all blue events, so if this is you, you can change your calendars back to blue here as well.

Try it out and let us know what you think!  We love hearing your suggestions!