Product Update – January 2022


  1. The most-requested feature, “Min Block Length”, has arrived 🥳 
  2. New Feature: “Don’t start until” 📅 
  3. Easier navigation on mobile (so smooth 😩
  4. UI improvements and what’s next 🌟

New Feature: Min Block Length 🥳  

FlowSavvy has been an awesome tool, but it was doing a lot of weird things, like splitting “get groceries” over 2 days to keep your schedule “balanced” and trying to squeeze in 2 minutes of a task between classes/meetings.  Nobody is going to do that… cue Min Block Length.

Min Block Length lets you tell FlowSavvy the minimum amount of time you’re willing to work on a task.  For example:

  • You have a report that will take about 3 hours to write, but you don’t want to work on it unless you can sit down and work for at least 30 minutes straight, so you set Min Block Length to 30 minutes.
  • Want FlowSavvy to schedule your groceries only where you have an uninterrupted hour? Set Min Block Length to 1 hour.

Min Block Length has been a major improvement in making FlowSavvy a smarter assistant!

New Feature: Don’t Start Until 📅 

Some major changes to the scheduling algorithm have made FlowSavvy a lot better at balancing your schedule and scheduling more like you would.  One of the features we’ve added to give you more fine-grained control over how FlowSavvy schedules is “Don’t Start Until”.  It’s just as it sounds: Don’t Start Until lets you tell FlowSavvy the earliest you want to start working on a task.  This is great for

  • Flexible repeating tasks (Habits):  Want to work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but don’t really care when?  Set “Don’t Start Until” to Monday morning, make the task repeat on MWF, and FlowSavvy will find time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for your workouts!
  • Tasks that can’t be started yet:  Sometimes you can’t start a task until a certain date/time, like an exam, or following up with someone in a month.  “Don’t Start Until” makes sure FlowSavvy doesn’t put those tasks on your schedule until you want it to.

Easier Navigation on Mobile (so smooth 😩)

Listen… having to click a button to jump to the next week on my calendar was a pain for me too.  It was so clunky, so I’m happy to announce that we added smooth scrolling so you can easily swipe through your calendar.  This small change has made a huge difference in ease-of-use, so I’d love to hear if you like it!

Design improvements and what’s next 🌟 

Making the app as seamless and intuitive as possible is a huge focus of ours, so we’ve simplified the main user interface of FlowSavvy and made the remaining icons easier to understand.

What’s next?  Since we’ve added more features to tasks and events, the process to add a new task or event is now super robust, which also means it has gotten more complicated.  In order to make the task/event sidebar muuuuucchhhh simpler to use, the next update on our roadmap is a complete rework of the task/event sidebar.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ll keep you updated!

Feel free to send us a message at if you have any questions or feedback!

Best wishes for 2022!